Hot or Not what’s your taste?

Just because it’s called world foods doesn’t need to mean that it’s always hot! Certainly most world foods tend to be spicy and aromatic, but there are levels of spice and heat from very mild to sizzling hot. An Indian curry such as a Pasanda can be very mild, whilst Caribbean Jerk chicken can be searingly hot, especially if using a Scotch Bonnet pepper, as always it depends on what you eat, and of course what you prefer!

Foodie or Fun?  What to chose and when!

Many of us know or think we know Indian, Chinese and Mexican food, but when you start to stray into Thai, Caribbean and Japanese, it’s often another story.

As mentioned earlier, Indian is not just one food culture, but a mix of over thirty different styles and regions. Chinese is more simple, but even here there are eight main styles. It’s the same with Mexican, although much so called Mexican food in the UK is generally Tex-Mex. Thai also has four main styles, whilst Caribbean has three. Japanese is of course best known for sushi!  So just how do you choose? As always there’s no simple answer and of course some foods will fall across a number of categories, so here’s a simple World Foodie guide.


  • Hot & Fearsome

    Indian Phal or Vindaloo 

    Chinese Sichuan Hot-pot 

    Mexican Mole Poblano

    Thai  Neua Pad Prik (Pepper steak)

    Japanese Okinawaran Koregusu Awamori

    (chillies in sake)

  • Hot & Foodie

    Indian Jalfrezi or Madras 

    Chinese Kung Pao Chicken

    Mexican Carne de Cerdo en Salsa Verde 

    Thai Kang Kua Ped Yang (Red curry)

    Japanese Super Gekikara Habanero Monjyayaki

  • Hot & Fun

    Indian Dhansak or Patia 

    Chinese Crispy Sichuan Beef 

    Mexican Spicy Steak Fajitas with Lime

    Thai Red Curry Shrimp with Pineapple Caribbean Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Medium & Forceful

Indian Dopiazza or Bhuna

Chinese Orange Spicy Beef 

Mexican Beef Pepper Quesadillas

Thai Panang Gai (Red curry) 

Caribbean Trinidadian Curried Goat


Medium & Foodie

Indian Murgh Masala or Biryani 

Chinese Beef with Oyster Sauce 

Mexican Chile Relenos 

Thai Tom Yum Gung (soup) 

Caribbean  Bajan Salt Fish Cake

Medium & Fun

Indian  Balthi or Karahi 

Chinese Peking Roast Duck 

Mexican  Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

Thai  Kai Yang (BBQ chicken)

Greek Tirokafteri Spicy Salad

  • Mild & Friendly

    Indian Kashmiri

    Chinese Honey Garlic Spareribs 

    Mexican Chicken Enchiladas

    Thai Gang Massaman

    Indonesian Chicken Satay

  • Mild & Foodie

    Indian Kashmiri 

    Chinese  Honey Garlic Spareribs 

    Mexican  Chicken Enchiladas

    Thai Gang Massaman 

    Indonesian  Chicken Satay

  • Mild & Fun

    Indian Korma or Tikka Masala 

    Chinese  Wonton soup 

    Mexican  Chicken Chilaquillas 

    Thai Gai Yang 

    Caribbean Rasta Pasta