Well the RoadShow's over!
Our final visit was a return to the Leicester Hamilton Tesco Extra, where, yes you guessed it, it was raining. Still pretty busy for a Monday and we were there to celebrate the opening of their new large World Foods area. Lots of people and lots of sampling!

So the RoadShow has now finally finished after over 5 weeks of fairly full-on activity and we'll update you with a summary later; but hard work, lots of samples and good fun!

Wet, Windy & Sunny - What a Week 5!
Guess what it's been raining and in Week 5 we also had the wind to contend with as well - still at least it brightened up towards the end! On Thursday we visited the Tesco Extra at Wembley, pretty much heavy rain all-day and also very windy, still busy though although not quite as full on as we'd hoped. Friday we were at Osterley and wow was it wet & windy, trolleys were being blown across the car-park, but our Brand Believers are made of stronger stuff and continued on regardless, we even had some wet visits from sponsors and prospects alike! Saturday saw the RoadShow at Twickenham, luckily the wind & rain had stopped and it wasn't too bad, certainly very busy, with lots of sampling and a great crowd. Sunday we were at Purley and it was really, really busy pretty much all-day, a great mix of customers and great store support, made for one of the busiest RoadShow days so far!

What a cooler, wetter Week 4!
Just shows you can never tell with the weather in the UK! After Week 3's sizzling temperatures, what did we get; yes rain for the Jubilee Weekend! Surely someone could have planned the weather better for Her Majesty! On Sunday we visited the Tesco Extra at Lea Valley and yes it was very busy, despite the fact that it rained most of the day there were crowds of people and luckily we were under cover! So where did we visit for the rest of the Week. On Thursday we were at the Tesco Extra in Aylesbury, not so sunny as previously and slightly windy, but at least we had the Jubilee bunting up and the crowds were steady all day, on Friday we were at Watford, always a busy store and Friday was no exception, there were crowds all day despite being somewhat dismal. We also got a fair share of sponsor visits, as well as a number of prospective sponsors who were trying to be low key but 'we know who you are!' And so on Saturday we were at the Tesco Extra in Borehamwood, the weather started off OK and then it began to; yes you guessed, rain, but there were still lots of people around and we certainly created a real buzz both in, and outside the store!

Well what a 'full-on week' Week 3 was!
One of our busiest Weeks! The first day was at the Tesco HQ in Cheshunt where we cooked up a storm for around a quarter of New Tesco House, everyone seemed to love the food and the presentation and we received very many great compliments, we also had many of our sponsors attending as well so that was good!

On Wednesday we visited Cambridge Bar Hill then Southend Extra on Thursday, Romford Gallows Corner, on Friday Lakeside on Saturday and finally finishing on Sunday at the Tesco Extra at Galleons Reach. The weather was sizzling hot and sunny all the time and each day was pretty full-on, but fun and World Foodie!

What happened in Week 2
Our 2nd Week and it was in the Midlands, where they certainly love their World Foods. The weather was also fairly kind as well, so that helped!

Tuesday we were at a pretty busy Tesco Extra in Loughborough, followed by a really great visit to the Leicester Hamilton Extra, where not only did a number of sponsors and interested brands come along for a visit including Tiger Tiger, as well as bands, such as Tilda Rice and Cofresh Snacks. Apparently everyone was really very impressed, which is always great! In fact the store visit went so well we may well be going back again soon to Leicester Hamilton Extra; watch this space for details!

The final day of Week 2 was at the Northampton South Extra, where the RoadShow continued to 'sizzle up a storm' with lots of happy customers, sponsors and of course the store and where as usual our Brand Believers have been working hard sizzling-up some tasty dishes including Spicy Caribbean Vegetable Soup & Jerk Chicken, Nasi Goreng, Thai Green Curry, Sushi, Fajitas, Chana Balti and much more.

The RoadShow - Week 1
Week 1 now seems like a dim and wet memory, but for those that missed it, this is what happened! Well it was certainly eventful and wet, wet, wet; well at least the first two days were where we had torrential rain and wind at both Swindon & Abingdon, not a good start to the RoadShow tour weatherwise, although luckily many consumers did brave the horrendous weather!

Even in the rain we were amazed at how enthusiastic all the samplers were and we even overheard one hungry youngster asking his Mum to go into Tesco and buy lots of the products for his dinner!

The RoadShow then moved onto to a reasonably sunny Newbury on Friday, OK it wasn't perfect, but believe us after the Monsoon times of Wednesday & Thursday it was great to finally see the sun, even if only briefly! The last day of the first week was in Reading and thankfully the weather was sunny and the crowds, well they were certainly out in force and sampling for 'the world'!!!

So if you haven’t had a chance to come down, what are you waiting for?  You can pick up some expert tips from our chefs, who are guaranteed to be cooking up a storm.  If you can’t wait that long and want to try some of the tasty recipes from our sponsors, check out our recipe pages for some more inspiration.

Despite all this we haven't let the rain dampen our spirits and we remain really excited about bringing the concept of world foods to consumers and to be able to help encourage them to not only become more aware of the different types of cuisines from around the world, but also to be more adventurous in their choice of meals.

With eleven sponsors representing 9 of the UK's top 10 favourite world food styles, we think we've been pretty successful in creating a really exciting and interesting chance for people to not only sample world foods, but also to understand just how delicious and generally easy to prepare they really are!

You'll all get the chance to sample all of these foods from around the world at one of the twenty Tesco Extra stores that the RoadShows are visiting in the South and the Midlands. Find out where your nearest

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Visiting 20 of the leading Tesco Extras - World Foods stores across the southern half of the UK and the Midlands, the World Foods
RoadShow will directly engage with around half a million consumers, and distribute up to 300k quality data-supported samples

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"The UK is now embracing multi-cultural food and with the new World Foods Focus event, we'll be encouraging consumers to become more adventurous and to 'Eat Around the World!'